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Basic Introduction
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Welcome - Social & Domestic Companions Ltd Presents
This vibrant New Community Advertising Platform For Promoting The Big & Little Things In Life That People & Businesses
Do. You Can Provide Or Request - Help Or Support - Buy Or Sell Whatever It May Be So Share With your Community A
Bright & Colourful Advert / Listing.
Completely Free For New Year So Take A Look And Create Your Amazing On-line Listing Today, There's Something For
Join This Growing On-line
Community Today.
There's Lots To See With Lots To
Do For People & Businesses
Just Like You.

We Have Front Seat, Front Page
Boxed Advertisements Available
To Include Your Website Link
With other Boxed Advertisements
Coming Soon Throughout This
Website So You Can Optimize
And Promote You To Your Full

Competitive Business Advertising
Made For Business Pockets.
We Have Also Created A Create
Your Own Advert / Listing Facility
Within The Community Area Of
This Website For Individual
People & Businesses Alike.

This Is Your Community Area To
Share Or Promote On A Personal
Or Business Level What Ever It
May Be With Your Local
Community And The General

We Proudly With Pride Will
Publish Live - Any Boxed
Advertisement Or Community
Advert / Listing That Does Not
Contain Content To Promote Swear
Words, Violence, Racism, Sex,
Child Abuse, Animal cruelty Or
Any Community & Environmental

We Proudly With Pride Will Not
Publish Live Any Boxed
Advertisement Or Community
Advert / Listing That We Feel
Contains Content Of The Above
That Should Not Be Displayed To
Any Healthy Community.
In The Event Of This Situation
Admin Will Contact You For

Proudly Use With Pride - This Is
your Community Advertising
Platform & Website.
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Basic Guide
Create Your Bright &
Colourful Advert / Listing
Social & Domestic Companions Ltd With This Vibrant New U.K. Community Advertising Platform Wishes To Help Various U.K. Charities With Your Support.

Each And Every Boxed Advertisement Or Your Advert / Listing Within The Community Area Will Be Inspected By Admin Prior To Being Publish Live.